1. What is Co-curriculum?
Co-curricular activities, also known as Extracurricular Activities are non-academic activities that all students, regardless of nationality, must participate in. This policy was introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education, as a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.
2. What are the co-curriculum activities?
Co-curriculum activities are part of informal education, which consists of learning activities that are voluntary and self-directed, life-long, and motivated mainly by intrinsic interests, curiosity, exploration, manipulation, fantasy, task completion, and social interaction.
3. Do co-curriculum activities contribute to student's success?
Yes, most of the research related to co-curricular activities suggests that they have positive effects on students, who participate. Such involvement in co-curricular activities helps students discover and share talents, develop character and competence and often provide the added benefit of close relationships with caring, principled adults outside the home.
4. How many co-curriculum units do you need to graduate for a bachelor degree in UniMAP?
2 Units
5. How many co-curriculum units do you need to graduate for a diploma degree in UniMAP?
2 Units
6. When should I register for co-curriculum subject?

First  &  Second semester (first year) for Diploma & Degree Programme.

7. How to register the co-curriculum subject?
Online course registration
8. Can I register more than 1 co-curriculum subject in one semester?
9. What is the passing mark for co-curriculum subject?
50%,  (C)
10. How co-curriculum subject been access?
Co-curriculum rubric which consist of assessment on leadership, discipline, attendance and skills (Please refer to rubric details in this webpage)
11. What is Course Outcome (CO)?
Course outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that learners have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate at the end of a course. In other words, course outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course.
12. What are the course outcome for all co-curriculum subjects in UniMAP?

CO 1 : Ability to communicate, lead and work effectively in a team.

CO 2 : Ability to learn, realizes potential, think and access information in order to make effective decisions, while enriching understanding of our diverse world.

13. How many contact hour for 1 unit co curriculum subject?
1 unit co-curriculum subject is equivalent to 28 hour/semester (14 weeks). Normally 4 hour for each class on Saturday
14. What is the timetable for co-curriculum & how do I find it?
Co-curriculum in UniMAP normally schedule on Saturday and the time table can be downloaded from this website
15. What should I do, if I cannot attend the class?
Write official letter to your co-curriculum lecturer/teacher/trainer as soon as possible.
16. Is it compulsories to take uniform bodies co-curriculum subject?
Yes, at less 2 units for degree programme and all 5 unit for diploma programme
17. What is package co-curriculum subject?
Package co-curriculum subject is a co-curriculum subject which must be taken continuously every semester until the student complete the package subject. (example : PALAPES, SUKSIS & RELASIS are 6 units package- in 6 semester)
18. If I have problem with my co-curriculum subject, how can I solve it?

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