Universiti Malaysia Perlis strongly believes that education is not only about academic and in order to hone the skills of our undergraduate and providing platform for them to showcase their individual talents, a host of co-curriculum activities is made available to our students. Welcome  to Co-curriculum Centre  of Universiti Malaysia Perlis, a centre where our students are offered various co-curriculum courses. This co-curriculum course ensures that our students are prepared to be successful global citizens in a very competitive world. Our co-curriculum strongly emphasizes the development of communication skills, leadership and work effectively in a team.

We offer over 160  co-curriculum courses for our students. Some of these courses are more recreational or social in nature, while others are uniform bodies. Our courses are geared towards our student who are looking to make new friends, while at the same time, enjoying some of their favorite activities. We have a teams of experienced and well-qualified staff who value and develop individual talents abilities and personalities of our students.



Ts. Dr. Faizul Che Pa



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