The Ministry of Higher Education through a letter dated August 3rd, 2008 had instructed Co-curriculum Centres to be established at all Malaysian Public Institutions of Higher Education. The aim is to achieve the goal that had been outlined in the Country Higher Education Strategic Plan which is to strengthen the ‘learning outcomes’ through co-curriculum activities.

UniMAP Co-curriculum Unit was established in the year 2002 and was placed under the Centre for Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship. Then, on the 8th of June the Co-curriculum Centre had moved out from the Centre for Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship, and started operating at a new location at Taman Jejawi Utara. On the 29th of July 2010, the establishment of Co-curriculum Centre was officially launched by the Honourable Datuk Vice Chancellor of UniMAP.

The Co-curriculum Centre offers a lot of co-curriculum and uniformed bodies courses. All degree students are required to enroll at least 3 units of Co-curriculum courses and student are compulsory to take uniformed body courses in their first year of study.  All diploma students are required to enroll at least 5 units 


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